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Hannon: Middle Class Tax Cut and New Rebate Checks Will Help Residents Keep More of Their Hard-Earned Money

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(Long Island, NY) "Millions of middle class New Yorkers will be eligible for a new tax cut which brings income taxes down to the lowest rate since 1948," said Senator Kemp Hannon (R-Nassau). "When fully phased in by 2025, average savings will be $700 per year.  By keeping our own spending cap in place, we were able to fully fund the STAR and Enhanced STAR programs, and property owners will receive another rebate check in the mail, averaging $425 for Long Island homeowners."

In addition to the tax cut and rebate checks, the Legislature also enacted an extension to the highly successful property tax cap for an additional five years, limiting the annual growth of property taxes levied by local government and school districts to two percent, or the rate of inflation, whichever is less. Since 2012 when the cap was first implemented, taxpayers across the State have saved $15.3 billion (over $5 billion on Long Island alone), with $12.3 billion in school tax savings, and $3 billon in local government tax savings. Long Islanders can expect to save $1.96 billion in 2016-17 in school taxes.

"By successful budgeting and keeping a spending cap in place, we were also able to provide record amounts of school aid to help school districts avoid tax increases," said Hannon. "Ongoing savings from pension and Medicaid reforms have protected local governments from hundreds of millions of dollars in higher costs."

6 Rules for Living Frugally

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We humans have a knack for complicating the simplest of ideas. Our lives are filled with shortcuts that arent short, tips and tricks that trip us up, and helpful hints that are anything but. The same is true when it comes to frugality. Lets scrap all the circular talk and bottom-line it. Here are the only six rules of frugal living you need to know.

1. Know Your Money

By whatever means necessary, become ridiculously well-acquainted with how much you earn, how much you spend, and where every dollar goes. Its the foundation of frugal living. Without this baseline knowledge, successful budgeting and saving will always be out of reach.

Batavia City School District has good news for tax payers

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Chris Dailey the Superintendent of the Batavia City School District was the guest on WBTA's Main and Center Program this morning to discuss a very successful budgeting process for this year which will actually result in a tax decrease for residents.

Due to outstanding fiscal planning, really paying attention to detail and an increase in State aid this year, were going to go out for the second consecutive year with a zero point zero tax levy and because of the increased valuations of the homes were anticipating that the average homeowner in Batavia will actually see a tax rate decrease. On top of that because of our fiscal planning for several years now and working with the County, theyll get the Governor Cuomo vote for me check of about $185 as well"

According to Dailey the drop in tax is around $100 for a house valued at around $85,000. He went on to say that the budget is not just beneficial for taxpayers but for the schools as well. 13 positions are being restored to the district, several clerical positions, teacher aids and even teachers.

India Insurance Report Q1 2016 Market Report; Launched via ...

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Market Research Reports, Inc. has announced the addition of "India Insurance Report Q1 2016" research report to their website

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Lewes, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2015 -- Indias insurance market will continue to expand at a fast pace over the forecast period as a favourable economic climate and rapidly growing middle class demographic driver sales of life insurance, health covers and other insurance products. The market will nevertheless remain very underdeveloped in terms of both density and penetration. Following the easing of regulations surrounding foreign ownership of Indian insurance companies, multinational insurers will play an increasing role in the industrys development.

Recent Updates and Developments:
We have revised our growth forecasts for Indian life insurance premiums upwards for this quarter. We now expect premiums to grow by 6.7% a year on average in local currency terms over 2015-2019, compared with 4.7% as initially forecast. However, we project non-life premiums to expand by 9.0% y-oy, rather than 9.6% as previously expected.

The India Insurance Report has been researched at source and features Publisher Researchs independent assessment and forecasts for the insurance sector. It examines industry developments, key growth drivers and risk management projections, including the macroeconomic situation, government policy, regulatory environment and the level of development and potential for growth, broken down by line. Leading insurers are profiled, covering premiums, products and services and competitive positioning.

Publishers India Insurance Report provides professionals, consultancies, government departments, regulatory bodies and researchers with independent forecasts and regional competitive intelligence on the Indian insurance industry.

Key Benefits
- Benchmark Publishers independent insurance industry forecasts for India to test other views - a key input for successful budgeting and strategic business planning in Indias insurance market.
- Target business opportunities and risks in India through our reviews of latest industry trends, regulatory changes and major deals, investments and macroeconomic developments.
- Exploit latest competitive intelligence on your competitors, partners and clients via our Company Profiles (inc. SWOTs, KPIs and latest activity).

Summary of Publishers key industry forecasts and views, covering the Life and Non-Life segments, the evolving competitive landscape and business operational risks.

Industry SWOT Analysis
Analysis of the major Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats within the insurance sector and within the broader political, economic and business environment.

Industry Forecasts
Historic data series (2005-2014) and forecasts to end-2019 for key industry indicators, supported by explicit assumptions, plus analysis of key risks to the main forecasts. Indicators include:
- Life/non-life Premiums: Total premium growth (USDmn), premium growth (% y-o-y), penetration (% of GDP), density (USD per capita) for Life and Non-Life sectors, claims reinsurance, and assets and liabilities.
- Non-life subsectors: Data on gross written premiums for all major Non-Life segments (motor, transport, property, personal accident, health, general liability and credit financial).

Insurance Risk Reward Index
Publishers Risk Reward Indices provide investors (Life and Non-Life) looking for opportunities in the region with a clear country-comparative assessment of a markets risks and potential rewards. Each of the country markets are scored using a sophisticated model that includes more than 40 industry, economic and demographic data points to provide an indices of highest to lowest appeal to investors, with each position explained.

Company Profiles
Examines the competitive positioning and short- to medium-term business strategies of key industry players. The latest financial and operating statistics and key company developments are also incorporated within the company profiles, enabling a full evaluation of recent company performance and future growth prospects.

Growth Drivers amp; Risk Management Projections
Key data and forecasts to end-2019 focusing on the growth drivers and downside risks to specific insurance lines including:
- Population: Male/female, by age group, active/pensionable/youth population % of total, urban/rural population % of total.
- Freight: Tonnage - air freight, rail freight, road freight, inland waterway.
- Motor: Fleet size by type of vehicle % change y-o-y.
- Epidemiology: Disease Adjusted Life Years and private health expenditure.

Market Overview amp; Rankings
Illustration of the insurance industry via rankings tables comparing gross written premiums by company (USDmn) and market share (%) for the top 20 players in both Life and Non-Life. This chapter also includes in-depth regional analysis of the market position, business strategies and investment potential of the leading insurance companies.

The insurance Reports draw on an extensive network of primary sources, such as multilateral organisations, government departments, industry associations, chambers and company reports.

Spanning over 52 pages India Insurance Report Q1 2016 report covers Industry View, Industry Forecast, Life Premiums Forecast, Non-Life Premiums Forecast, Market Overview, The Competitive Landscape, Company Profile, Methodology.

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