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Accused forger had equipment for making credit cards in his car, troopers say

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Illegal window tinting on a car led state police to uncover a trove of equipment for manufacturing counterfeit credit cards.

Norman Ellison, 26, of Boston, was pulled over by Massachusetts State Police around 8 pm Thursday while he was driving on Route 84 in Sturbridge. The trooper said he saw illegal window tinting on the 2015 Toyota Camry Ellison was driving.

Two troopers searched the Camry and said they found a computer, several phones, a handicap parking placard, a stack of blank credit cards and a credit card press. MSP shared a photo showing all of the confiscated equipment and several finished credit cards.

Ellison was arrested and taken to the barracks in Sturbridge, where he was charged with forging and uttering credit fraud, possessing a blank credit card, possessing a counterfeit credit card press, receiving an improper credit card, excessive window tint, forging and misusing an RMV document and misuse of a handicap parking placard.

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